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When the time comes to the end of 2019, when the world's major media are looking forward to the 2020 sports feast, they mentioned the Tokyo Olympics and the 2020 European Cup without exception. Whenever the word "European Cup" is mentioned, most football fans can't bear the excitement. At the end of last year, when the media exaggerated the scale of the 2020 European Cup and how crowded, a challenge for all mankind has been quietly on the road-the new type of coronary pneumonia.


The biggest difference between the European Cup in 2020 and the past is that the organizer of the event has changed from one country (or two countries) to 11 countries. The original intention of former UEFA President Platini to promote this reform is "Europeanization". He originally hoped that the European Cup could get closer to fans from different countries and enhance the sense of participation in the European Cup as a whole. Unexpectedly, at that time, it seemed that with bold thinking, 2020 has become one of the biggest risks of holding the European Cup as scheduled.


When the "Europeanization of the European Cup" hit the new crown pneumonia, could the originally highly anticipated European Cup evolve from a football carnival to a viral carnival?


As everyone knows, the host country of the last European Cup was France; there was a precedent in history when two countries jointly hosted the European Cup. In the process of determining the right to host the 2020 European Cup, former UEFA President Platini released a reform idea: I hope that the European Cup can radiate the entire Europe and involve all European fans.


Therefore, when UEFA announced the venue of the 2020 European Cup on the evening of September 19, 2014, a new record was born: 11 host countries (12 at the time of announcement, and Brussels, Belgium was disqualified afterwards). For the first time in history, 12 different UEFA football associations (a total of 11 countries) jointly held a European Cup finals.

因此,当欧洲足联于2014年9月19日晚上宣布2020年欧洲杯的举办地时,一个新的记录诞生了:11个主办国(宣布时为12个国家,此后比利时布鲁塞尔取消了参赛资格)。 12个不同的UEFA足球协会(总共11个国家)有史以来第一次联合举办了欧洲杯决赛。

Who are the 12 cities in the 11 countries involved? Let's take a look-


London, the capital of the United Kingdom, Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, Dublin, the capital of Ireland, Rome, the capital of Italy, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Budapest, Hungary, Bucharest, the Romanian capital, and the German cities of Munich, the Russian city of St. Petersburg, the Spanish city of Bilbao and the British cities Glasgow, the United Kingdom has become the only country with two host cities.


The specific stadium names will not be mentioned, but it needs to be emphasized that most of these venues are capital cities, not the capital but also the country’s megacities. Large cities and capitals, for infectious diseases, mean greater population density and more difficult to control risks. Once the infected population in the capital increases, the economic, political and cultural impact of the entire country will be the greatest. Moreover, there are tens of thousands of people traveling from the capital to the whole country every day.


So, let us take a look at the current situation of the epidemic in these host countries. As of March 5, the number of confirmed cases in the United Kingdom has reached 116, Ireland has 13 cases, Italy has 3858 cases, Denmark has 20 cases, the Netherlands has 82 cases, and Hungary has 2 cases... All in all, as of March 5, 11 host countries have seen new crowns. Confirmed cases.


Only three months later, the opening game of the European Cup will officially begin; now, the new crown pneumonia has just begun to spread silently in 11 host countries. What does this mean? It means that if the European Cup is held as scheduled, the new crown virus is entirely possible to develop wildly in 12 big cities in 11 countries.


Against such a terrible background, re-evaluating Platini's vision of "Europeanization of the European Cup"-this decision has become very damn! It is not in human history that a major event has been held during the outbreak of infectious diseases, but the same major event has never been held in so many countries during the outbreak of infectious diseases.


Every genuine fan looks forward to the opening of the European Cup as scheduled. If the 2020 European Cup is held in one country (or two), the threat of new crown pneumonia to the postponement or cancellation of the European Cup will be greatly reduced. The reason is simple. At least a single country’s political system and medical prevention and control system are unified. In view of the current situation of the country’s epidemic situation, it takes a single country to make judgments and respond faster, and prevention and control measures can be implemented quickly-my country This is the most typical example.


Will one country become 11 countries? Due to the economic, political, and cultural differences in different countries, and the differences in the epidemic situation in different regions of each country, it is difficult for the political systems and medical prevention and control systems of each country to achieve integrated coordination in the short term-but the European Cup was held as scheduled In reality, this is the requirement for the 11 host countries. The negligence of a detail in any country or region, the large-scale flow of European Cup fans, may pose a huge threat to the health of European people-the outbreak of a cluster of epidemics is definitely not alarmist.


Football is as important to fans as alcohol is to alcoholics. But everyone who loves life knows that football is not everything, and football can never be ranked before life. We look forward to the opening of the European Cup as scheduled in a healthy global atmosphere. As many as 11 host countries are a potential threat and even more terrifying than this factor-the current attitude of Europe in responding to the epidemic.


In recent days, except for Hubei Province, the number of single-day growth of new coronary pneumonia in my country has continued to be below 100. People across the country have been able to resume work and production in an orderly manner because all departments of the country implemented restrictions on the flow of people almost at any cost. The effect is exactly what we all empathize with-everyone on the street wears a mask, and unnecessary travel is reduced for all key stages.


The epidemic situation in our country has been basically controlled in more than two months. It is based on the importance of every Chinese citizen's ideology and prevention of daily behavior. If the epidemic situation is to be controlled in a short period of time, there is and only this means for the time being. Effectively controlling the first-generation cases and reducing the second- and even third-generation cases has a decisive effect on the epidemic prevention situation of the entire country and the world.


From the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the 11 host countries of the European Cup in 2020, it can be seen that these 11 countries are currently in the stage of controlling the first-generation cases and reducing the second-generation cases. What are the current attitudes of various countries?


The opening ceremony of this European Cup will be held in Rome, Italy. Let us first look at the situation in Italy. Prior to this, Juventus veteran Bonucci said directly in a public interview: "I think the vigilance against the virus is a bit too much. Fans have the right to enter the stadium. I think we Italians are very good..." March 1, Venezia, northern Italy There were protests in the town of Vau in the Tohoku region. They refused to wear masks and pulled banners. The banners read: Return to freedom, end the blockade...

欧洲杯开幕式将在意大利罗马举行。亚博全站手机网页版让我们首先看一下意大利的局势。在此之前,尤文图斯老将博努奇在公开采访中直接表示:“我认为对病毒的警惕性太大了。球迷们有权进入体育场。我认为我们意大利人非常出色……” 3月1日,意大利北部威尼斯,东北地区沃镇(Vau)发生了抗议活动。他们拒绝戴口罩,拉横幅。标语上写着:回归自由,结束封锁……

In addition, the news that Italian and Swiss parliamentarians wearing masks entered the parliament were ridiculed, and it has been widely circulated in recent days. The 2020 European Cup semi-finals and finals are both held in London, England. Let us take a look at the attitude of the British. On March 3, local time, Prince William of the United Kingdom visited Ireland and talked with a local person about the new crown epidemic. He actually ridiculed: "Did the media exaggerate the new crown virus? Is my handshake spreading the virus?" On the same day, British Prime Minister Johnson The same jokingly said: "I will not refuse to shake hands..."

此外,意大利和瑞士戴着口罩的议员进入议会的消息被嘲笑,近几天来已广为流传。 2020年欧洲杯半决赛和决赛均在英格兰伦敦举行。让我们看看英国人的态度。当地时间3月3日,英国威廉王子(Prince William)访问爱尔兰,并与当地人就新的王冠流行进行了交谈。他实际亚博全站手机网页版上嘲笑道:“媒体是否夸大了这种新的冠状病毒?我的握手在传播这种病毒吗?”当天,英国首相约翰逊同样开玩笑地说:“我不会拒绝握手……”

Whether it is Bonucci or the British prince or prime minister, these characters cannot have the problem of information asymmetry. Bonucci has great influence in Italy, and the British Prime Minister has the supreme political power. Has the ideological cordon against the new crown pneumonia in Italy and the UK established? This is evident from the remarks of these people.


The people of the 11 European Cup host countries put on masks one hour earlier and realized the seriousness of the problem one minute earlier; the governments of 11 countries realized the severity of the epidemic prevention and control situation one day earlier, and the return was definitely tens of thousands Of people avoid infection-unfortunately, such a time has obviously not yet arrived.

11个欧洲杯主办国的人民提前一小时戴上口罩,一分钟前意识到问题的严重性; 11个国家/地区的政府提前一天意识到了疫情的严重程度,因此回返肯定是成千上万的人避免了感染。不幸的是,这样的时机显然尚未到来。

Vaccines will not be available in the short term. The frightening thing is that Europeans are currently ignoring the best "vaccine." This situation is not improved as soon as possible. What awaits the world in 2020 is not just the absence of the European Cup, but the loss of life. Will the fascinating football carnival football event really become the wailing of life that can be heard everywhere?

短期内不会提供疫苗。可怕的是,欧洲人目前无视最好的“疫苗”。这种情况不能尽快得到改善。 2020年等待世界的不仅仅是欧洲杯的缺席,还有生命的丧失。迷人的足球嘉年华足球盛会真的会变成到处都可以听到的生命哀?吗?

This issue is related to the European Cup held in 11 countries, but more importantly-the current attitude of the entire Europe towards the new crown pneumonia.


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